Oasis Ministries International is charitable society established in 2004 with a clear vision of reaching out to the remote villages of North India. The Lord laid a burden in the heart of Dr. Thomas P. Johnson, while studying in IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal, India, about the villages of North India, specifically West Bengal. He, along with his friends visited many villages and distributed gospel tracts and Bibles thus in 1989, in a small and humble way Oasis Ministries was formed.

In 1995 this prayer group was registered as a charitable society. The ministry was then focused on the unreached tribal villages of West Bengal. Soon the ministry realized that they need for more workers to work among the villagers, so a Bible Training Center was started.

Today Oasis ministries is working in various parts of West Bengal. In 2004, an office was started in Kolkata, which helped reaching out to other districts too. Along with the village Evangelism and Church planting, Bible School, Adult Literacy Centers, Children Ministry, Village Feeding Program, Vocational Training Centers etc. help spread the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Along with the vision of reaching the tribal villagers of West Bangal, the ministry also targets the upper class of the Society now. Though its a very difficult endeavor, the Lord has provided special gifts to some of our pastors to share the gospel effectively with the elite class.

Please do get involved in this end time harvest of these unreached villages of North India.