Without water life would not exist. It is a requirement for all human and economic development. The health and economic impacts of today?s global water crisis are staggering. Thousands of people die each year from water-related diseases in the villages of West Bengal. Many interior villages of West Bengal are suffering because of the lack of clean drinking water. Women and children spend several hours each day collecting water from distant, often polluted sources. This is time not spent working at an income-generating job, caring for family members, or attending school.

Oasis Ministries is reaching the unreached by providing them with the Gift of Life: Clean Water. Oasis Ministries is mobilizing resources to drill tube wells in villages.

Clean water doesnt just save lives, it changes them Health returns and children grow up to be productive members of their community. Children get an opportunity to return to school rather than fighting water-borne diseases. Men are no longer too sick to work. Clean water is truly a gift of life.



The people come from a very poor background and do not have the privilege of receiving basic education. Most of the villagers do not know how to read or write.

Oasis Ministries has aimed to help the illiterate to gain literacy. At present, we have centers in various parts of West Bengal where between 10-25 adults attend. We also have literacy centers for poor, less fortunate children who are unable to go to school.

Our literacy program is making a difference in the interior villages of West Bengal and is helping in securing a progressive future for underprivileged villagers.



In most villages, we find that the women in the society are neglected and restricted from education. They mostly spent time working in hard situations as cheap labor and are also left with the responsibilities of providing food for their families.

Oasis Ministries conducts trainings to empower women and to learn a skill. We do so by training young people to learn a skill. Many of them complete their training and start working from their homes on a small scale and earn income to support their families. After completing the training in sewing and embroidery, the students are gifted with a sewing machine.

Over the past years these centers have trained hundreds of village women. We are truly making a difference one person at a time.

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Illiteracy has strong links to social issues that children face daily. Child labor, human trafficking and other major social evils can be avoided and irradiated if the children are given the privilege to gain their education. Especially with the low wages the parents earn, most often children suffer by not being able to attend schools.

Oasis Ministries helps the students from a financially challenged families to receive quality education for the poor and the underprivileged children. We also provide them with school bags, books, uniforms, fees and other necessary items for their education. We also help the poor, needy students with fees and pocket money for their higher studies.



Medical facilities are very limited in the villages of West Bengal and even if it is available, many cannot afford it.

Oasis comes forward to help those needy people who cannot afford essential treatments. Oasis also facilitates Medical camps on a regular basis in the villages where no medical facility is available.



Oasis Ministries focuses on the unreached villages for Evangelism. There are many people groups to be reached in the state of West Bengal. Our policy is not to enter any village that has an established church, but to reach the unreached. We do have an evangelism team specially trained in evangelism and outreach.

After a successful evangelism and outreach, one of the missionaries in the team stays back to follow up the work. He will form a house church and later it become a fully developed Church. It is a long process but certainly yielding fruits.



Oasis Ministries has a Bible School where the training is basically in Bengali, the local language. We accept students from different parts of West Bengal and train them to go back to their places to work. These students are trained and equipped to evangelize, to Shepherd a church and to find out ways to reach new villages.

Bethlehem Biblical Center is a missionary training center. The prime goal of BBC is to train young people to reach the middle and upper class of the society with the gospel of Jesus Christ. BBC has the unique opportunity of having well-educated theologians as the teachers.

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