The Vision – The Vision of Oasis Ministries International is to reach the unreached villages of Northern India, and to make an eternal difference in the lives of the rural population with the love of Lord Jesus Christ.

The Mission – The Mission of Oasis Ministries International is to meet the Needs of the Rural Population of Northern India

The Strategy

  1. Outreach – Our team members identify a potential village and plan an outreach. A team visits that village and shares the love of God with them.
  2. Training Workers – The greatest need of the hour – The greatest need of the – The greatest need of the hour is workers in the field. We train young leaders through our training center and through several leadership development programs.
  3. Charity Projects – The Charity Projects of Oasis Ministries are aimed at overall upliftment of the under-privileged people. Oasis reaches out to the community through Medical Camps, Adult Literacy Programs, Self employment Programs, Educational assistance for poor students, Feeding program in the villages etc.
  4. Reproducing Leaders – Each worker of Oasis Ministries is encouraged to develop future leaders from native people-groups who can identify with the people and who have better access and receptivity.

Holy Spirit leading people to accept Jesus as Lord