Dr. Thomas P. JohnsonDr. Thomas P. Johnson, a Professor of Chemistry at a Community College in Texas, developed a compassion for the people of West Bengal during his Graduate studies at the famous Indian Insttitute of Technology (IIT) at Kharagpur in West Bengal. During his doctoral studies he visited many villages in Bengal with local Christians, and understood that the very purpose of God sending him 3000 kilometers from his hometown in South India; and that was to reach the local people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In 1993 he came to United States and while  starting his career as a faculty with Texas A & M University, he began to mobilize a ministry in India to evangelize the villagers and began to raise partners in United States to support the missionary work.

Dr. Johnson, an Evangelist and a Pastor by calling now serves as the President of Oasis ministries, and frequently visit India with the partners to encourage the believers and Pastors. Recently, Dr. Johnson and family lived in Calcutta for one year as part of a sabbatical leave to involve in community development projects.