Oasis ministries International is charitable society established with a clear vision of reaching out to the remote villages of North India, especially the State of West Bengal.

Oasis Ministries exists for the following:

  1. To spread the love of Jesus Christ,
  2. to establish and run charitable institutions such as poor homes, orphanages, schools etc.,
  3. to render medical assistance in needy cases,
  4. to  establish  and run adult literacy and spiritual development centers,
  5. to engage in poverty relief,
  6. to render help for education,
  7. to render housing help,
  8. to rehabilitate the handicapped,
  9. to initiate and implement rural development program etccheap clopidogrel for sale plavix. for the upliftment of the weaker section of the society,
  10. to drill Tube Wells for villagers,
  11. and any other purpose of general public utility.

Our Leadership